Marcea A. Weiss
Author of "Leaving the Military"

With more than nine years in the Army as a
Black Hawk Helicopter Test Pilot,
Maintenance Manager, Training Officer and more,
Marcea Weiss has stood where you are standing now, preparing for the unknown.
Marcea also gained a unique and valuable perspective into the challenges of transitioning military personnel when, after leaving the military, Marcea worked as a hiring manager in corporate America interviewing, hiring and developing job candidates with military experience.
In this book, Marcea has applied this experience — as well as skills gained as a Lean Six Sigma Process improvement facilitator — to map out an efficient transition strategy in an interactive workbook style.
So sharpen your pencil and get started! If you follow its plan, Leaving the Military will lead you to success in corporate America!

author Marcea A. Weiss

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